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Lawton OK "LoL" Halo 4 Tourny Dec 1

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Looking for a team for LoLs tourny Dec 1st.

Also this site require a obnoxious amount of verification to post.

What are the rules for the halo 4 tourny, whats the fee, and the prize. I was Semi pro in Halo 2, Amature in Halo 3 skipped reach and coming back to 4. I have won may tournaments all over oklahoma. Im already on my first specilization on H4. HMU on here or XBL i have 1 other teammate. fOrMaT TnB

I'm down for this tourny. My GT is: X Mx R1d3rz X add me and we can play together a little before deciding whats going down.

We like to keep spam bots from posting in the forums.

It's a curse I tell you!

does anyone else know the rules theyre using or anything?


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