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Tulsa Player Looking for Group! (DnD 3.5/PF/SR/Anything at all!)


Hi there, just stumbled onto this awesome forum and had to introduce myself. I'm a long time tabletop gamer who enjoys playing a large variety of systems. Anything from DnD 3.5 to Dresden Files to a myriad of smaller games, I'm up for giving any system a spin and am looking for play in the Tulsa area. I'm a semi-experienced DM having run a Pathfinder AP once, and could run something in a pinch but am much more comfortable being a player at this very moment. Feel free to drop me a message if you are looking for somebody to fill a slot in your game.

Sent ya a PM. :)

There are also several Tabletop groups located in the Group Resources page that'll be more than welcome to help you out!

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