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for local lan tournaments and anything else we wanna wreck shop at lol. Im a Platinum Tdm rank 3.
And champ series gold. Should be Masters and Platinum soon. I have won serveral 1v1 and ffa tournaments around.tulsa and surrounding areas. mostly for cod 4 through cod mw3. But if theres any good kids out thereto add me hit me up we could also do 2v2s. But im like the 4 time guts church 1v1 champ wont sapaulpa a couple times. I also play GB im a 50k but just started matches again last week.

fOrMaT TnB

Famous and I need 2. U can join us

I'm a platinum 50 and I'm a 3k gb rank. But I'm starting to play variant to travel out and go to events.
GT: H00vey

Hit me up GB:DreGoesBoom or on Twitter:DreGoesBoom. I live in lawton and played in the LoL tourney every time and i won the very first one, but my teammates never took it serious after that. I went to Dallas for halo 4 and placed top 32. For the mw3 tourney i was on the team that smacked the the OK gamers team. but like i said i pretty much the best in lawton besides maybe one other player who use to be on my team.


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