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Hello!  I've been looking for people around that might have room for another person or two for just about anything.  I've played a lot of stuff out there, DnD 2nd, 3rd, 3.5 and 4th, Shadowrun, vampire, conspiracy X, and several others.  I was also at one point an RPGA Living DnD GM (Though I haven't done that since they switched to 4th ed.  I'm not sure if my GM membership is still good).  I also play a lot of board games (Settlers, Arkham horror, space alert, dominion, and Pueto Rico to name a few). 

I moved to town about a year ago, and have only managed to get my fiancee's family to move from from skip-bo to Flux in that time.  I've been missing my gaming group and would appreciate the chance to find a new one here.  PM me or reply here.

Sent you a PM :)


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