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Guitar Hero tournament in Lincoln County?

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Is anybody in the Lincoln County area interested in a Guitar Hero tournament? If so please contact me & let me know of anybody who would be interested. TY
ACDC10107  8)


Welcome to the site!  Please remember to hit up our 'how you found the site' thread, as found in my signature.


When it comes to the current state of Oklahoma and tournaments - YES some people do find out about events through this site, but the majority are still going to have to find a flyer, etc in that local area.  We would eventually like to see flyers mostly done away with - through the use of this site...  But in the mean time - you can always post about a tournament in your area on here, and then use this site as your site to direct people to for questions :)


Woah! Lincoln County!

So where in Lincoln County are you from?

Unless this is Jonathan, then I know where you're from...

I don't know if you got my other message but I'm intersted.

What an idiot I am!!!  This was two years ago!!!  :(


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